The chefs & 
the butcher

The chefs & the butcher is a story of two food lovers pursuing a career as professional chefs and running a beef farm in Gippsland in their free time, who join forces with their father, an established butcher, to provide the finest meat and specific tailored cuts to their fellow food lovers and beyond.
Growing up on a property in South Gippsland, founder Andrew Smith has always been connected to the land. His passion for good quality food, led him to pursue a career in cooking in Melbourne. Also, his wife and founder Kristi Smith, who has always been connected to the food industry through her father having successfully operated a suburban butcher shop for over 30 years, pursued her passion for food with a professional career as chef.
Through Andrew and Kristi’s passion for their beef farm and the land, quality food and the paddock to plate concept, they joined forces with Kristi’s father Les in 2001, which was the beginning of the “Chef” from the “fields” – “Cheffields”.

Why Cheffields?

The combined knowledge from the hospitality and meat production industry, is what makes Cheffields and their products and services so unique. It’s this unique mix and many years 
of combined experience that allows Cheffields to offer speciality tailored meat cuts, 
advice and suggestions on meat products and menu planning. We are proud to encourage our customers to expand their cooking repertoire and experiment with new cuts of meats guided by our chefs’ expertise.

We are passionate about our local region, 
the people within it and the wonderful produce that is crafted in Gippsland. Led by our love for the paddock to plate concept and the produce crafting process, we take the time to visit our local farmers and growers and have carefully curated the greatest selection of Gippsland's finest at The Store in Warragul.

Hanging meat

Our promise to you

You’ll receive nothing but the best service 
at Cheffields. Our approach is people-centric, which means your needs and wishes come first. 
We take the time to get to know you and form long lasting partnerships, based on our 
long standing experience in the hospitality industry. We have a passion for service and for understanding your individual requirements.

Our philosophy

We focus on a better life produce perspective and brand that ensures a better life for farmer, animal, and consumer. We do a farm visit with new or potential suppliers and 
get them to show us around and discuss their farming practises. This also allows us to 
see the condition of the farm and the animals. We are large advocates for regenerative farming practises and all of farmers follow this belief.

What does regenerative farming practises mean?

Regenerative farming practises is a way of farming that focuses on conservation, rehabilitation, and restoration. This requires a deep knowledge of every pocket of the farm, paying attention to important cues from the soil, the bugs, and the grasses and weeds that grow. The farmers believe that having happy, stress-free animals is not only ethical, but produces a much higher quality yield that can be seen and tasted in the product.


With a close connection and endearment to the Gippsland countryside, Cheffields is passionate about giving to Gippsland and our local community. To embrace this,
we regularly support our local charities and church community. Operating out of Gippsland, Cheffields is committed to employ locally and support local businesses 
to reinforce ongoing support for the Gippsland region.