Visit from Jillian at Gippslamb

Wonderful to have Jillian from Gippslamb pop in for a visit today.

Jillian was in to meet with Andrew and Colin (head butcher) to have a chat about her lambs and discuss her product.

They reviewed her lamb carcasses from last year and this year and talked about how the use of different methods within the breeding process effect the carcass. It also enables us to get a better understanding of the process our suppliers follow in order to produce their amazing products.

As good as Jillian’s lambs are there is always room for improvement and catch-ups like these allow the connection between us and our suppliers to remain close.

We believe that the farmers journey shouldn’t end at the farm gate and that they should be involved in every aspect of the process. Including once the product hits the shelves or is sent out to our customers.