Cooking the perfect T-bone steak

Do you know which parts are which cuts of meat?

Well, there is heaps of different cuts that you can get, particularly from beef.

It can be difficult to know where each cut has come from and the best way to cook each cut or what cut is best for a certain dish.

So, we thought it would be great for us to show you what cuts come from where and what we think is the best way to use them.

Let’s start with one of our personal favourites, the T-bone steak.
Nothing screams primal quite like the T-bone does, and it comes from the striploin and this is the same area the porterhouse comes from. The T-bone is basically the same cut as the porterhouse but with the bone in. This beautiful cut also includes the eye fillet. So with the T-bone you are getting a really fantastic steak.

This cut is perfect for your steak dinner nights as it is super easy to cook and doesn’t require a lot of seasoning or fussing.

How to cook the perfect T-bone:

  • Pre-heat large pan over medium heat (cast iron skillet is best)
  • Lightly brush oil all over the steak
  • Season the steak with salt & pepper on both sides
  • Raise heat to high
  • Add steak onto pan and cook, turning once until well browned
  • It’s about 7 minutes for the first side and 4 minutes for the second (medium-rare)
  • Using tongs sear off edges (should only be a few seconds for edges)
  • Transfer steak to cutting board and cover with al-foil for 5 minutes (resting time)
  • Serve!

You can serve with some nice roast spuds and something green, like brussels sprouts or beans.